Remember the Others

In the wake of the earthquake I have been flooded with folks inquiring about adopting from Haiti. I think every other adoption, orphancare ministry has experienced the same. It is amazing to see the response – families and couples who have been considering adoption and those who haven’t saying now might be the time.

In light of the circumstances in Haiti no one really knows when an adoption process will be established. As I wrote the other day, I hope and pray that it will be sooner than later for the sake of the children. That said, a friend reminded me yesterday that we need not forget the millions of other orphans in need of adoption around the world. Just this week another friend is headed to Uganda to adopt her son!

If God is stirring you adopt, keep praying. It may be Haiti God is calling you too but it may also be somewhere else in the world. The situation in Haiti has opened the world eyes to the plight of the orphan. May we rise to the call to care for these precious ones as our Heavenly Father does, in Haiti and everywhere else.

3 thoughts on “Remember the Others

  1. Very well said! God bless! I think this whole Haiti situation is “in our face” so much that we all feel burdened and called to help. You are so right though, there are millions of others who need moms and dad’s too!

  2. I totally agree Jason!! So excited God has used this terrible tragedy to open families eyes to the need of the orphan and I echo your remarks to all : please consider that these situation occur all over the world on a daily basis, we have millions of children in a variety of countries with limited resources in orphanages that needs families, so if the whole Haiti thing does not work out, PLEASE consider adopting from another country or even better go to your local foster agency as they too are in desperate need for homes!

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