Announcing: Together for Haiti

If the people of Haiti had to sleep on the ground, so would she.

So, on Wednesday afternoon, January 20th, Britney and others (mostly college students and young adults from the area) set up Cité Lespwa (Creole for “City of Hope”) on the campus of Centenary College. Their goal was to raise awareness and $1 million for Haiti’s orphans. Britney blogged about their experience here.

The Shreveport Times published two stories about Cité Lespwa:

Shreveport tent city to raise money for Haiti relief
Tent city short of $1M goal but could go national

We are pleased to announce that Together for Adoption will be partnering with Britney Winn with the goal of seeing Cité Lespwa duplicated all across the country. Our plan is to host the next tent city in Greenville, South Carolina the first Friday-Saturday (12 noon to 12 noon) in March, with other cities signing up for successive Friday-Saturday dates. We hope to see Cité Lespwas hosted by cities throughout the country well into the spring and summer months.

Every dollar raised through Cité Lespwa will go to support Haiti’s orphans through our Church-Centered Haitian Orphan Initiative. Details are forthcoming.

If your church would like information about hosting a Cité Lespwa in your city, please contact Jon Evans (Community Manger for Cité Lespwa):

Become a Facebook Fan of Cité Lespwa.

[via: Together for Adoption]

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