Local Communities Changing the World Abroad

One of the greatest joys in what we do is working with churches around the country. We get to witness some incredible things that churches are doing to care for orphans. One of our newest church partners is New Life Church in Conway, AK. Their orphan ministry, The Refuge, was instrumental in starting what is now known as the Pili Project. This is one example of what God is through local communities in here to change the world abroad for the sake of the fatherless!

The Pili (‘Pie-lee’) Project is a special project striving to improve impoverished orphanages worldwide and create families through adoption.

Despite the awareness of deplorable living conditions for orphans around the globe there is a continued inaction to fight this injustice. It is estimated that there are 100 million orphans worldwide. These innocent children are abandoned due to many factors including poverty, war, and disease. The increased adversity in their lives fosters little hope for their futures. Simply put, there are not enough caring individuals to counterbalance their need. As a result, more innocent children suffer. The Pili Project endeavors to create hope for the hopeless.

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