A Better Investment

John Carroll gives this helpful perspective on funding an adoption:

In the photo above is a 1994 Land Rover Defender 90. It is actually for sale right now in Tulsa, Oklahoma for $22,500….almost the same amount Ashleigh and I need to raise for Abigail.

If I wasn’t raising the money for this adoption, I would probably be trying to figure out a way to buy this truck. It has a decal on the door that needs to be removed, but other than that…I think it is awesome.  (My wife says I have wine taste on a beer budget. The truth is we have never paid more than $5000 for a car!)

Here is the deal though, God has led Ashleigh and I on another Adoption Adventure, so before I could ever dream of making that purchase, I have a few adoption fees I need to get taken care of first.

And even if I had the money for that car, I wouldn’t buy it because I have already been ruined with pictures and photos of Abigail. I wish I could post a photo of Abigail on the internet so you could all see, but her beautiful face is so much more desirable than this truck. I am not sure I would have said that a few years ago, but God has truly grown my heart.

Don’t get me wrong, I wish I could still afford this truck, but we just invested our life savings into the first half of our adoption fees. Would you consider helping us with the other half?

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