Adoption and Human Rights

[ faculty photo ] The controversy over international adoption in recent months with Haiti and currently with Russia is not new. There has been intense debate going on for years over this issue. Questions are raised concerning the best interests of the children. Some argue that no child should be taken from their culture and placed into another culture. Others argue that adoption should be the absolute last resort, behind in-country fostercare or institutionalization. Others argue that adoption is the solution for the orphan crisis and should be made more accessible.

The movement I would align myself with believes passionately in adoption and at the same time understands the limitations and complexity of the global orphan crisis. That said, I believe there is need for more education on the issues and for us to better equip ourselves with not only biblical arguments but factual, social, and political arguments as well.

One of the voices arguing on behalf of international adoption that has been of great help to me and many others is Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Bartholet. Dr. Bartholet is a renowned expert on international adoption and has written some of the most informed and well-argued opinions on the issues. Here are a few of her articles below. I encourage everyone to read them and share with others:

International Adoption: The Human Rights Position (appearing in the Global Policy Journal)
Amid Disaster, Haitian Orphans Find Homes (appearing on the NPR website)
Haiti’s Children and the Adoption Question (appearing in the NY Times)

1 thought on “Adoption and Human Rights

  1. Dear in Christ,

    Its with great joy to read your church website, I am really encouraged with your teachings that you share about the kingdom of God, how can you help us to know more about this truth about the word of God? We request you to uplift us in prayers; we pray that you will equip us with more teaching that will help us in our church. We thank God who directed us to your web site. May God bless you as we wait to hear from you soon.

    Your brother in Christ,

    Pastor Dickson.

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