Adoption is both complicated and beautiful

This is a good word from our friends, the Livesays (missionaries in Haiti):

I wish it was a perfect happy world where the need for adoption did not exist, but we all know we’re a long way from that world. In the United States and all around the globe children are waiting on us to respond. Adoption is not easy. The process itself is incredibly difficult and painful. Helping children heal can be a horrific thing to witness. But – I don’t think that changes anything, I still believe we are called to respond.

Adoption is both complicated and beautiful. Each of my children are wonderfully complicated and beautiful. I grieve that my children spent 14 months, 9 months and 10 weeks institutionalized and largely neglected. I know that hurt them and is a permanent part of their story. But I rejoice that love heals many wounds. I pray for children waiting in institutions. No one will ever convince me institutions are an okay place for children. Every child deserves an opportunity to be cared for, cherished, loved.

Aaron Ivey is a good friend. Paige loves this song of his about adoption and it has been playing (blaring) at our house a lot these past few weeks. Every time Isaac hears it he says, “Mama, this is that song about fighting to get us home – right??” He loves that image of being fought for … I do too. I have a Father who fought for me, and continues to fight for me. I want to do the same for my children.

Enjoy it – (it’s awesome) and please, pray for the millions of children going to sleep tonight with no mommy and no daddy and no one to make them feel special and loved

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4 thoughts on “Adoption is both complicated and beautiful

  1. This is great! My husband and I are in the process right now (domestic adoption) and are waiting on a call for our son. It has been awesome to see how God has used this adoption opportunity in our lives to prick the hearts of some of our friends to adopt.
    This has not been the easiest thing, but I am thankful to our God for allowing my husband and I to be used in such a way!

  2. Pray for my wife & I. We say “YES” to adopting, but feel absolutley weak in raising our current three daughters (aged 4yrs, 2yrs, 5months). – thanks, Andy (New Zealand)

  3. i ave adopted 3 children all seperately and all in the care of good foster parent’s b4 they came t us …………………so am not goin t GREIVE 4 the time they were in foster care………….they were all in foster care til they were 9 mth’s old……….they were placed 4 adoption thro’ no fault of their own but a will not condemn their parent’s…i love my children t bit’s……

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