Eat at Pei Wei and Help Orphans!

The Executive Chef at Pei Wei recently traveled to Ethiopia and was moved to action by what he saw…..ORPHANS!  He is spearheading a trial fundraiser with Pei Wei starting today for the next two weeks (until May 16th) in every Pei Wei store in Texas and Arizona (about 70+ stores).

Go buy a  double chocolate chunk oatmeal cookie and the proceeds will go towards orphans worldwide in support of Gladney Center for Adoption!

Also, visit adoption/newborn photographer Kristin Laughlin‘s site. She did the photography they used in this promotion!

Spread the word by email, on Facebook, Twitter, your blogs etc.  If this is a success, they will do it again and Eric Justice the chef for Pei Wei will take the idea to other chef’s around the country!  Call ahead to pre-order a dozen or more for any special occasion you have in the next week!  Kids events, parties, work, bible study, teacher appreciation etc.   Go here to find a location near you.

And make sure to tell those at the Pei Wei store how MUCH you appreciate them supporting orphans!!

2 thoughts on “Eat at Pei Wei and Help Orphans!

  1. Hello. I am 16 and have been following and loving your oganization for a while… and later found myself in a situation where I needed to be and was adopted. I’d love to share my story with your organization as a Christian at-risk teenager, contact me here or at

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