In Some Adoptions, Love Doesn’t Conquer All

This article in the NY Times came out a couple weeks ago and I meant to post it then. It highlights something we don’t often talk about in the church or the adoption movement – except in the rarest of cases and usually with disdain – the disruption of an adoption.

The reality is that there are many families who in the best interest of their family and the child have had to walk through this painful experience.

This is one of the reasons why we are having Dr. Karyn Purvis do a keynote and a full breakout track at this years Together for Adoption Conference in Austin, TX, Oct 1-2. As I wrote recently, I believe one of the greatest needs in the adoption movement today is preparing families before they adopt and better caring for families needing help after they have adopted. A major componant to this is equipping the church to know their part in this.

Please visit Empowerd to Connect for resources by Dr. Karyn Purvis including the new Created to Connect study guide.

1 thought on “In Some Adoptions, Love Doesn’t Conquer All

  1. Thanks for posting this article Jason. It is very important to get this information out. I look forward to hearing Dr. Purvis at Together for Adoption in Austin at the T4A Conference. Thanks for featuring her and her message of hope and healing for children and families.

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