2010 National Foster Care Prayer Vigil

The National Foster Care Prayer Vigil is calling followers of Christ together across the country during the week of May 16-23 to cry out to God on behalf of children and youth in our nation’s foster care system, their families, their workers, and the church as it responds to the needs of those involved in the foster care system.

A local prayer vigil can take on many forms, from a formal, church-wide event to an informal gathering with your family after dinner.  Ideas suggested by the organizers include doing it as:

  • Part of a regular Bible study group in your home
  • Part of a regular Community Group meeting
  • Part of a Sunday School class
  • A Prayer walk through your city
  • A gathering of friends at a park, or the beach
  • A lunchtime gathering with co-workers
  • Or whatever and wherever you want it to be

If you’re ready to register an event, you can learn more here. You can also see the national map for a listing of vigils already scheduled.

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