6 thoughts on “Adoption Garage Sale

  1. we did the same thing 2 years ago and were completelty overwhelmed at how many people were willing to give us stuff to sell. isn’t it amazing how much STUFF we have in our lives?! we raised $1500 dollars from our sale. it is such a great idea. a ton of work. but well worth it.

  2. That’s great! Love hearing about other garage sales! It’s so neat to see how God uses them to provide financially, but also seeing how it causes so many people to rally around the families and the adoption is so neat.

    (We’ve had 3 now, bringing in a total of over $8k!)

  3. Jason, we did this last year before we brought home our beautiful daughter Tessa. We raised well over 1000 dollars, which happened because we not only sold our stuff, but also got donations from other people in the church. My wife hosted another garage sale this year for another family in church who is in presently in the Phillipenes meeting their new son. We raised about 1500 dollars this year, again with gracious donations of items from people’s basements, junk closets, etc. This year, they did it a little different. My wife didn’t price anything–she just told people to give what they thought was fair and that it was an adoption fundraiser. Although it angered some people, the overall effect seems to have been good!

  4. same thing, two years ago. COULD NOT BELIEVE how much stuff people gave to us! What didn’t sell in the sale went on craig’s list and moved from there! We had very little to donate in the end. The amount raised covered a huge amount of our in-country fees! We were all so blessed ~ We were ALL in it together to bring our sons home. So grateful!

  5. We had a yard sale this weekend to help raise money for travel expenses to bring our son and daughter home from Rwanda. We had 20+ families donate and we were able to raise $2,956.06! Amazing! We were completely blown away. We, too, had people give to use that we have never met before! The hard work paid off for sure. Thanks for sharing this video!

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