Hope For 100 Reaches Goal! Now what?

GOD IS GOOD! In January of 2009, Pastor David Dykes introduced the challenge of Hope for 100 to Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas. The challenge was for 100 GABC families to commit to care for an orphan through adoption or foster care. And we are thrilled to report as of August 2010 that Hope for 100 has exceeded their goal. Now several other churches around the country have begun their own Hope for 100 program as well.

Many are asking Green Acres Baptist Church now that they’ve exceeded their goal of 100 children, what’s next? Pastor David Dykes will unveil Hope For 100 Version 2.0 on November 7th, which is National Orphan Sunday. Be sure to save the date and don’t miss November 7th and the unveiling of the next chapter in of Hope For 100.

For more information on Hope for 100 campaigns and how you might start one in your church visit our website here.

1 thought on “Hope For 100 Reaches Goal! Now what?

  1. I love it! What a blessing for these children. To have parents is to have someone claimyou, to know that you belong to someone. These 100+ children are blessed and secondly, watch out world because our Father in Heaven is going to pour out a blessing on this church family that they will not be able to contain.

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