A Beautiful Story of God’s Provision

A good friend passed this story to my wife and I yesterday. It is an awesome reminder of the goodness of God in our adoption in Christ and His practical provision for adoption:

So I just wanted to share some super exciting and overwhelming news… My husband has been working part time as the pastor of our church for the past year, and also working for the postal service. He finally left the post office and went full time with our church last week. Well, this past Sunday, they called us up to the front to give him a card and express their appreciation for him (evidently October was pastor appreciation month). So we came up, and one of our elders gave him the card and told him to open it then. So he opened it up, and inside was a little certificate that said:

“Just as your adoption into the family of Christ has been fully paid, so also has the adoption of your daughter been fully paid.”

And there was a big “$11,500.00” written on it. Which is the amount that we still needed to save to cover our remaining costs. And then after we read it, the whole church stood and started clapping!

WOW!! I have no words for how shocked and how thankful and how amazed we were/are. It’s insane. I can’t even express. Our church is NOT big. We have around 50 members, and about 100 total regular attenders. We have no idea where the money even came from… except that it came from God!

I just wanted to share this, because it’s so awesome and we are so thankful and I hope that it will encourage someone. We had no idea where we were going to come up with the money for this adoption when we started… but we never worried about it. We always knew that God would provide. We just didn’t know He would provide such a large sum at one time, haha! He is so good and so faithful! Praise God!


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