Afraid. Happy. Surprised. Blessed. Scared. Complete, on your knees, surrender.

Sound familiar? These may be emotions that you are currently experiencing, or have experienced, when facing financial obstacles along your adoption journey. Maybe you are one of the many people that struggles to get out of the mind-set that adoption is just not affordable and could never happen for you. We have had countless discussions that begin like this and that end with a sigh of relief or a voice less shaky; a face less tense. This often happens when informing individuals about how, when breaking down the costs and seeing examples of how other couples have tackled the financial hurdles, the Lord always provides for His faithful children. In His own ways, in His own time.

When Mark and Anita applied to ABBA Fund, they were seeking financial assistance to bring their son home from China. They believed that the Lord would supply as they worked and saved. As they raised funds, they held a yard sale, a community spaghetti dinner and had internet give-aways and more. One of the give-aways raised $1,300. Family friends even offered a Matching Donation which raised over $3,000.00. The Hiehles also sold a family ring for $1,000.00. When they contacted ABBA Fund, they still needed $8,000.00.

Mark and Anita are one of many examples of a couple that stepped out in faith, evaluated their own financial resources and options, and rolled up their sleeves to seek external ones. Just prior to setting up travel dates they received great news that they had been approved for a grant they had applied to, and their only remaining need from ABBA Fund was now decreased to $2,500!

Imagine how scary it must have felt for this couple to write “$8,000” on their application with the uncertainty of not knowing how this would be provided. Now also try to imagine the “tug” on their heart strings from the Lord comforting and reminding them that He is sovereign and will always provide!

We are excited to share their wonderful note and pictures below!

Dear Abba Fund Team,

We just returned home with our sweetheart boy, Kaleb, last Friday and wanted to say Thank You so much for your part in his God story!

We had a wonderful trip to and from China. Kaleb knew us from the moment he ran into the room in Guangzhou to greet us with great big hugs screaming “Momma, Baba”!!! He’s been that way ever since, as you can tell from his pictures, with smiles and lots of “I love you’s” in Chinese and English. He’s coming along very quickly with his English skills and simply enjoying his forever family.

Thank you so much again for choosing to be a part of what God did to bring Kaleb home! We will be forever grateful!!

Much love,

Anita & Mark, Kaylin and Kaleb!

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