Abba Fund + Noonday Collection Equals a Fashionable Mission

Noonday Collection launched at 2010’s Together for Adoption Conference alongside the Abba Fund, where 10% of funds were donated to the Abba Fund.  Noonday Collection started as a fundraiser for the founder’s Rwandan adoption, but the mission of Noonday goes even further. Every item sold by Noonday Collection is fair trade and helps to create a pathway out of poverty for the person, family, and community behind the purchase. The company has purchased over $35,000 of product from artisans in only 7 months, enabling those artisans to produce and sell more items, put their kids in school, and even buy commodities for their families like chickens.   They have also given around $5,000 directly to adoptive families to help them raise money for their own adoptions.

“Some days I feel crazy that I started a business to raise money for our adoption. Couldn’t we have done a silent auction or something? But knowing that we can empower so many along the way, both here and in the countries where others are adopting from, has been one my greatest joys. And fashion is such a fun bridge for gospel sharing!” says Jessica Honegger, founder of Noonday Collection.  Noonday is now on the look for Ambassadors. These ambassadors buy into the company and receive a sample box, their own website, and free training. In return,  Ambassadors receive a 20% commission for every sale they make.

Are you informed, fashionable, motivated and fun loving? Then becoming a Noonday Collection Ambassador might be a good fit for you. Enough money came in from Noonday Collection sales in three months to cover the Honeggers’  adoption expenses. “Women respond to fashion, shopping with a conscious, and orphan care. We would love other adoptive families to get their adoption expenses covered while providing artisans in resource poor countries with economic opportunities,” says Jessica.  For more information, please email 

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