Help ABBA Fund win a $50,000 grant!

ABBA Fund is currently holding steady in the Top 20 to be considered for a $50,000  Giving of Life Grant, but we need your help to stay there!  The voting officially ends Friday, November 4th!

Is ABBA Fund a ministry that  has captured your heart? Here are some quick and easy steps you can take help us:


If you have not voted yet, please visit the ABBA Fund’s Giving of Life webpage.  There you will find the VOTE button and that’s all it takes – just one click of a mouse!

Why stop there? Did you know you could get TWO extra votes? All you have to do is register an account here.


 The best form of communication is through word of mouth, so share with your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers where to go and what to do.   You can also share the link Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your Blog!  Let’s make this viral!

A big thank you to all those supporters who have voted for ABBA Fund and encouraged friends and family to vote also! We are so grateful to you for helping us partner with Christian couples on their adoption journey!

Giving of Life - Vote for ABBA Fund

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