Why You Need to See the Stuck Documentary on Int’l Adoption

The best estimates are that over 10 million children are currently living in institutions globally. For many of these children international adoption is their best hope. For all of these children family is their greatest need. And, ultimately Jesus is their only hope.

Jesus tells us that our love for Him is only as great as our love for the least of these (Matthew 25). That said, there should be no children without families where the church exists.

The current international adoption system is broken. In just the last 10 years the number of children who have been adopted has been cut by over 60%. The number of adoptions continues to decline while the number of orphans increases. The new documentary Stuck seeks to raise awareness to this problem and is movement to provide change for the sake of these children. Please check out the schedule of showings here and let’s fill the theaters around the country for the sake of the children and the glory of Jesus.

This is a must watch documentary! Visit Both Ends Burning for tour dates and showings in a city near you.

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