Show Hope Provides Their 2000th Adoption Grant

Picture 49Congratulations Show Hope! God is using you big time to move the church towards God’s heart for the fatherless and to enable families to adopt! My family is one of those families that has been blessed (maybe grant #1865?) It made my day to read that you gave your 2000th grant! Glory to God – He truly knows the eternal fruit that number represents!

Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth are well-known for their long legacy of advocating on behalf of the world’s orphans. Show Hope, the non-profit organization they founded, mobilizes individuals and communities to care for orphans. The ministry also provides waiting children with families by giving financial grants to those adopting, and Show Hope is proud to announce that they have recently given their 2000th grant to an adopting family!

Since its inception, Show Hope has financially helped provide forever homes for over 2,000 orphans from 40 countries, resulting in a truly worldwide impact. Yet, still so much more pecuniary assistance is needed. Their Adoption Aid Grant program receives at least 150 new adoption assistance financial grant requests each month. Currently, at an average financial grant of $3,000-$4,000, Show Hope is able to help roughly 25-35 families a month, far less than the requested amount, by 60%.

For more information, you can visit

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Help Create Families for HIV+ Children

ABBA Fund is excited to announce our partnership with Project HOPEFUL!

Through this partnership Project HOPEFUL is now able to provide interest free loans and matching grants to families that choose to adopt children with HIV/AIDS and severe special needs.

Carolyn Twietmeyer, Founder/Executive Director of Project HOPEFUL writes:

We constantly work to eliminate additional stress from our families and finances can tend to be one of the most stressful parts of adoption. We don’t want the joy of this process to be scarred with worry. Families are required to pay anywhere between $20,000-$40,000 to bring these children into their families.

Please join us to help these awesome families bring home their children. There are doers and there are senders, adoption may not be for you, but PLEASE consider coming alongside of families that are working to bring their children home from across the world. Be a part of the MIRACLE of adoption….Create families…be a part of what TRULY saves the lives of the most vulnerable children.

Project HOPEFUL has set a goal to raise $10,000 by September 18.

You can be a part of this by making a tax-deductible donation to the Project HOPEFUL ABBA Fund here.
(When donating please fill in the ‘Partnership Fund Designation’ box or include a note. 100% of donations go to help families adopting HIV+ children)

For more information on Project HOPEFUL & HIV+ adoption visit the Project HOPEFUL website.

A Beautiful Tribute

This video was done by one of the families that we had the joy of helping recently. In it you can catch a glimpse of Zach and Kim’s heart to make much of Christ in adoption and in their lives as they live out the Gospel. You can also follow Zach on his blog here.

God bless you guys! Mya is beautiful!

Official Hope for 100 Launch


We are excited to officially announce that launch of Hope for 100, a campaign with the goal of providing loving, Christian homes for 100 children through adoption or foster care.

The first campaign is kicking off over the next two Sunday’s at Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, TX.

Our goal through Hope for 100 is to-

  • Raise awareness of the plight of the fatherless.
  • Issue a specific challenge to the Church to care for a targeted number of orphans.
  • Begin to match interested families with families who have already answered the call to be foster or adoptive families to give guidance and
  • Provide an array of opportunities to care for orphans through an Ongoing Orphan Care Ministry.
  • Help provide the necessary funds to families seeking to adopt.

This first campaign will also host the “If You Were Mine” adoption conference at Green Acres Baptist Church on January 31st. This one-day conference provides a relaxed, non-threatening environment where you can consider practical information about adoption, foster care and orphan care ministry from an objective and biblical point of view.

After a successful launch, Hope For 100 desires to see its efforts replicated and multiplied in churches throughout the United States and the world.

For more information on how you can help make a Hope for 100 campaign possible and help families adopting financially, or how you and your church can serve as the lead church in a campaign to be carried out by the evangelical Christian community in your area, please contact the ABBA Fund or call toll free 888.775.3422

Living Out the Faith

The Darling family, a 2008 ABBA Fund family, were recently featured in a local newspaper –

The decision to adopt for Justin Darling and his family
was based not on the parents’ inability to produce biological children,
because they already have three of their own. It was a decision made
because of its ministry and the pull to follow their heart.

Justin said he was the first to start thinking and talking about
international adoption with wife Melissa. She was hesitant to begin
because of the approximate $20,000 price tag attached to the process.
However, she soon became a convert of the idea and in April 2007 the
couple, along with children Hannah, Elijah and Israel, began the
adoption journey.

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