Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

“Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
I’m just a long way from my home.”

These are lines to a Matthew Perryman Jones song that I have been listening to over and over today. It has me thinking about how true this is.  It gives words to the uncomfortable feeling I have at times that there is more to this life. 

While we have been adopted and are no longer orphans, we are still waiting the finalization of our adoption. I think that’s why we sometimes don’t feel adopted. Paul puts it this way:

“We ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.” Romans 8:23

We are waiting to be brought home to our Father’s house. We are not home. Yet, we are going home and what a glorious day that will be. This spiritual reality is also pictured in our physical adoption of children. When my wife and I adopted our children we went to Florida, signed all the papers, then waited for a couple weeks before we could return home to North Carolina. Our children were adopted, they had new parents, but they had yet to be brought to their home.

Thinking of this just now, and writing this down makes me long all the more to get home. Lord, come and make this adoption final! Thank you for your promise to do just that! 



Adoption and the Seminary

The latest issue of Southwestern News is devoted to the theology and application of adoption. Check out the links below.

On a related note, it is exciting to see what God is doing in America’s seminaries when it comes to adoption and orphan care. This is where many of the churches future leaders are preparing. We have helped numerous couples who are in seminary adopt over the years and it is always exciting to see their faith. Most of these couples had no money of their own to pay for the adoption but believed God would provide – and He did!

Please, pray for these families today who are preparing for ministry around America burdened with a call to adopt! May God show himself mighty in His provision and use these families in their current and future churches to stir even greater zeal for Gospel-reflecting adoption and orphan care. 

picture-402Stories of adoption are woven throughout the fabric of human and divine history. God’s compassion for orphans leaps from the pages of Scripture and demands that all Christians consider their role in the issue of adoption.

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Mark and Jennifer Leeds always wanted a big family.

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Just mentioning the word adoption causes John Mark Yeats’ eyes to light up.

Adoption: The Heart of the Gospel »
While a few have responded to this call for writings on the subject, the lack of attention may cause you to wonder why adoption is important.

As Miraculous as Childbirth »
It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and for Southwestern alumnus Bart Barber one photograph captures the essence of life.

Fostering a Gospel Legacy »
For Master of Divinity student Bruce Kendrick and his wife, Denise, ministry to orphans began as a matter of “pure ob-edience,” but years of experience as foster parents have taught them the value of caring for these children.

Helpful Adoption Information »

Modeling the Family of God »
Dean Nichols, campus chaplain, and Waylan Owens, associate professor of pastoral ministry, have many things in common.

Obtained by Grace »
The apostle Paul reminded believers in Corinth that God’s “grace is sufficient” and that His “strength is made perfect in weak-ness” (2 Cor. 12:9). Few images portray the grace of God amid weakness like the story of five-year-old Christopher Savage.

A Beautiful Tribute

This video was done by one of the families that we had the joy of helping recently. In it you can catch a glimpse of Zach and Kim’s heart to make much of Christ in adoption and in their lives as they live out the Gospel. You can also follow Zach on his blog here.

God bless you guys! Mya is beautiful!


This is the third and final part of the excellent article called A Gospel Self-Image and the Poor. When it comes to adoption and orphan care you cannot ignore the rampant poverty that is so often the cause of children being abandoned and orphaned. More and more I am coming to the realization that if we have a passion for adoption and orphans we will have a passion for caring for the poor. You cannot have one without the other.

If you haven’t already read them I encourage you to read PART 1: BECOME THE POOR and PART 2: LOVE THE POOR. 


It is important for us to understand the poor and what causes poverty. There are over 200 mentions of the poor in the Old Testament. The Bible tells us we need to understand two things: 

1. It is an economic condition. To be with little or no resources that the world values (ie. money, talent, skills, etc). If you have nothing the world throws you away. The poor have little of value. We are called to respond with mercy.

2. It is a social condition. The poor may have little but what they do have is taken away by others. Because they are powerless the world takes away from them without giving in return. The way you can tell someone is poor is that they have what little they have taken away and nothing given back. We are called to respond with justice. 

Causes of poverty:

1. Personal Sin (36 times) 

. Life of laziness (Prov. 6:6-11) 

. Lack of self-discipline (Prov. 23:19-21) 

2. Systematic, oppression, injustice (111 times)

. Delayed or unjustly low wages (Deut. 24:14-15; Eph. 6:8-9)

. Court or govt. systems weighted in favor of the great and wealthy (Lv. 19:15; Luke 19:1-8)

. High-interest loans and preying on the powerless (Ex. 22:22-27) 

3. Calamity, natural disaster (all over Bible) (118 times) 

. Famine (Ruth 1:1-5; Gn. 42:5) 

. Natural Disaster (Job 1: 18-22)