Family Life & Russell Moore on Infertility, Adoption, Orphan Care

Last week, Dr. Russell Moore joined Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine on FamilyLife Today to talk about infertility, adoption, orphan care, his own adoption story, and Adopted for Life.

Dr. Moore wrote on his blog, “The program has sparked a lot of conversation and not a little controversy, particularly about my views on in vitro fertilization (cue the tune to the Johnny Cash version of “I Won’t Back Down” here). More than that though, I’ve heard from hurting infertile couples, waiting adopting families, and previously adopted children all over the country.”

Here’s the audio for the programs:

Grappling with Infertility (Day 1 of 3). This is a conversation about our grappling with infertility, what to do if you’re infertile, and how churches can minister to hurting people who want babies and can’t have them. I talk bluntly here with Dennis and Bob about how infertility can be a spiritually dangerous time.

Embracing Adoption (Day 2 of 3). This is a conversation about how to start thinking about whether God would call you to adopt, and how to get started, if so. It also helps friends and extended family members think about how they can empower adoption and orphan care.

Welcome to the Family (Day 3 of 3). This is a conversation about how we ought to think about moving beyond adoption into “normal” life in the family, including the family of the church.

Orphan Sunday 2009—November 8

Don’t Miss the Opportunity!

We’re thrilled to announce the official launch of the 2009 Orphan Sunday campaign!

November 8, 2009 is simply this:  a chance for Christians whose hearts burn for orphans to spread that fire to their church, community and friends.  This day is for you!

Join with individuals and groups across America and beyond, planning your own local Orphan Sunday activity.  From a sermon or prayer during Sunday services to a small group study or prayer gathering, from a concert to a recruiting event for an orphan-serving ministry.

At  the official Orphan Sunday Website you’ll find:
·        Ideas for local Orphan Sunday events;
·        Support materials you can download for free, from posters to study notes;
·        A national map to add your local event and view others;
·        Contact information for your state’s Orphan Sunday coordinator;
·        And much more…

We also invite you to help spread the word.  Please forward this to friends, highlight Orphan Sunday on your blog, and add the banner to your website.

Each local Orphan Sunday event will be a candle lit to cast light on God’s call to “defend the cause of the fatherless.”  Together, they add up to a nationwide blaze.

Free Crazy Love Audio Book by Francis Chan is offering the audiobook version of Francis Chan’s “Crazy Love” for free. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is one of the best books on the implications of the gospel that I have read recently.

Click Here to go download this Audiobook and be sure to check back each month as they offer a free book monthly. Usually it is something worth reading/listening too!

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Definition of an Emergency

Shaun Groves:

This past weekend – thanks to an e-mail from a blog reader – I listened to a sermon by Francis Chan (three times) called “Living To Display The Gospel” and was re-inspired by a new answer. In his message he told the story of how he decided to give away a large sum of money he earned. And he ended the story by saying that some people ask him if it’s wise to give it all away. “Shouldn’t you be more moderate in your generosity?” they essentially ask. “Shouldn’t you put some of it away in case of emergency?”

To which he answered, “Are you saying that what’s happening in ‘the developing world’ isn’t an emergency? …Oh, you mean an emergency that involves me. Because if it doesn’t involve me then it’s not a real emergency.”

He explained passionately and gently that God is not moderate in his generosity toward us. Jesus didn’t look at the mess on Earth and say, “Well those problems aren’t my problems so I’m staying out of it.” No, he gave all because he loved the whole world. Love says your emergency is our emergency and then it sacrifices without moderation to intervene. Love, Francis believes, doesn’t save a sum so large for it’s own future needs when someone else is in tremendous need right now.

Francis reminded me that moderation isn’t a bad thing but even moderation must be pursued in moderation. And it’s thrown out the window entirely in case of emergency. And all over the world, this is an emergency.

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