Summit VII Registration Now Open

The Christian Alliance for Orphans’ annual Summit has become a national hub for Christians committed to adoption, foster care and global orphan initiatives rooted in the local church.

May 12-13, 2011 ♦ Southeast Christian Church ♦ Louisville, KY

JOIN organization leaders, grassroots advocates, pastors, and ministry entrepreneurs sharing your passion.

ENCOUNTER the gathering hub of orphan ministry partnership, networking and inspiration for service.

BUILD knowledge, resources and practical skills via more than 75 workshops & unforgettable speakers and music.


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________________ Alliance for Orphans

Yesterday morning I had the joy of attending the first meeting for the Carolina Christian Alliance for Orphans (Upstate South Carolina). The goal of the group is to gather evangelical churches, ministries and organizations with a heart for orphan care, adoption and foster care and to encourage more to happen!

I am so encouraged by this and the formation of other groups like this around the country. On my way home I talked to an adoptive mother from Maryland who said she is apart of a similar group.

I know of other Alliances in Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Kansas City, Delaware, Minneapolis, Little Rock, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and Charlotte.

It makes me ask two questions –

1.) I wonder how many other’s there are around the country?

2.) Might God be calling you to be the spark to pull together a group like this?

ABBA Fund Road Trip

We are heading out today for the next three weeks hitting Nashville, Memphis, Dallas, Waco, Austin, Houston to meet with churches and friends! Then spending some time with my wife’s family north of Dallas. 

Give me a call or shoot me an email if we’ll be coming through your neck of the woods!