Max & Ivanna

We are always so excited to share the testimonies we receive from our loan families.  It also brings such joy to our hearts to be able to put faces to the names, and we pray you experience this same joy too.

ABBA Fund assisted Phillip and Charrissa with an interest free loan from one of our funds in late October 2010.  They had been diligent in their monthly repayments, and have just sent in their final pay-off check!  What’s so amazing is that money will be going right back out to another family in need! We are so thankful for this family’s diligent stewardship, and look forward to seeing how the Lord works with this money to once again bring another child home to his or her loving family!

This loan helped the couple bring home their beautiful daughter and handsome son from Ukraine. From the note they included with their lovely pictures:

Thank you so very much for helping us bring Max and Ivanna home! It has been such a blessing.  Ivanna weighed 20 lbs at 5 years old, and now is 38 lbs and has grown 7″.  Max was just months from being transferred to an insane asylum – he is now a beloved son, brother, cousin, etc.



Phillip, Charrissa & their BEAUTIFUL family!

Thank you for sharing Phillip and Charrissa!  If you’d like to find out more about ABBA Fund’s interest free loan program, check out our website for more information.   If you feel led to make a donation to help bring more children like Max and Ivanna home to their forever families, please visit here for more information.

Friday Photo

DSC_1832This past week we had the joy of hosting our new friend Pastor Fred Sekyewa in our home. Pastor Fred is the Executive Director of Africa Renewal Ministries in Ggaba, Uganda. I love what they are doing in orphan care and church planting (and much more!).  In and through it all is a love for Jesus, His kingdom, and the local church making a difference in the world. Check out their website for more info. The above photo is when we first met in June at Ggaba Community Church. Little did we know that such a sweet friendship would emerge. You can pray for Fred as he is travelling in the States meeting with churches in Winston-Salem, NC, Minneapolis, Northern/Southern California, San Antonio, and Austin, TX.

Friday Photos

Last Saturday the ABBA Fund staff and board got together for an end of summer cookout. It was a blessing to be together and  have all our kids running around playing, swimming, eating, and even exchanging email addresses! We watched our children adopted from Russia, China, Uganda, India, America – and a few biological ones – simply being children and having a blast. It was a beautiful sight – a little picture of heaven. It made me all the more eager for the day when we will spend eternity, with peoples from every nation, tribe, and tongue before the throne of God (Revelation 5:9)! What a joy to experience a taste of that through adoption.


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