At the Outset of Each Day We Should Hear God Saying…

This quote from Richard Lovelace’s ‘Renewal as a Way of Life’ has been a great encouragement to me:

“At the outset of each day, we should hear God saying, You are accepted, because the guilt of sin is covered by the righteousness of Christ; You are free from bondage to sin through the power of Jesus in your life; You are not alone, but accompanied by the Counselor, the Spirit of the Messiah; You are in command, with the freedom to resist and expel the powers of darkness.” Renewal as a Way of Life, p. 137

Why the Gospel is Necessary for Racial Reconciliation

Richard J. Mouw in The Kings Come Marching In writes:

“…an appeal to the fact of God’s creation of the human race is, in itself, inadequate to establish a basis for racial justice. The perpetuators of injustice can argue that God did indeed create all people out of ‘one blood.’ But, they can go on to argue, sin has altered the original situation. In response to human rebellion, God has decided to keep people within their own ethnic and racial groups [speaking of Babel in Genesis 11]…. The only effective way of countering this kind of theology, it seems to me, is to point to the work of the Cross….We cannot ignore the Babel account or the provisional divisions of the race that God introduced in response to the pretensions of the tower builders. But through Calvary and Pentecost God has begun to ‘lift the veil.’ In Jesus Christ the barriers of race and clan and tribe and tongue are being abolished. Redemption restores the work of creation, and in doing so it also repairs the damage done by sin.”

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Turn Us Inside Out

Screen shot 2009-09-03 at 10.14.44 AMI just started reading Richard Lovelace’s ‘Renewal as a Way of Life’. The first few pages have been worth the price of the book. Here is a great quote from p. 10:

“We cannot attain he fullness of the Spirit without being turned inside out so that our central focus is no longer our own growth, but the glory of God and the growth of Christ’s kingdom.”

Before the Cross There is Only “We”

Great quote by Rick McKinley, pastor of the Imago Dei Community in Portland:

“Before the cross there is no chasm between those with a need and those with a resource. There is no differentiation between “us” and “them.” Before the cross, there is only “we.” (From “Why We Do Justice (It’s not Because We Feel Guilty)” in Leadership Journal)

[HT: The Wonder of the Gospel]