Empowered To Connect Conference

The Empowered to Connect Conference is a two-day experience on April 5-6, 2019 presented by Show Hope and the Karyn Purvis Institue of Child Development.  This conference can bring hope and healing to children and families and provides much-needed training to leaders and professionals. Host this simulcast at your church or agency by registering online here.  Featuring Trust-Based Relational Intervention® methods developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross  – Read more about Dr. Purvis and her legacy of hope and healing here.

Hope for Orphans Institute

Do you know a family considering adoption or a family struggling since adopting?

Are you interested in learning the latest on how to best serve the increasing number of families adopting special needs or at-risk kids?

Would you like help on how to best prepare for and help manage a possible disruption?

There are many resources available to help families navigate through the adoption process, but there have been fewer resources available to families once they bring a child home, and the real journey begins! You will not want to miss this conference on special needs & at-risk adoptions, adoption disruption, and pre/post adoption support for families and children.

Join Hope for Orphans on September 16th & 17th, as they host some of the leading experts in post-adoption issues at The Hope Center in Plano, TX.  For more information & to register go to: www.hfoinstitute.org

Give Hope this Christmas Season

Here are a few ways you and your family can be a part of giving hope to a family and a child this Christmas:

1. Make a Donation to Help Make an Adoption Possible. Your gift will be used to help a family adopting a child overcome the financial hurdles. Further, as the family pays back their interest-free loan the money you donate will be used dollar for dollar to help another orphan enter a Christian family. It truly is a “gift that keeps on giving”, giving hope to child after child. Click here to make a donation online.

2. Start a Memorial Fund. Through LegacyChild you can establish a fund through which family and friends can make tax-deductible donations in memory of a loved one. Start a fund, we’ll set up your own page on our website with photos and information, then let your family know about it as your Christmas gift to them. You then have the blessing of choosing a family from our website to give an interest-free adoption loan too. Your gifts through your memorial fund will help the family you choose adopt, and as they pay their interest-free loan back you will have the opportunity to help another family, and another, and another!

3. Invest in the Establishment of an Adoption Fund for your Church.

Sometimes all it takes is one person to start a fund for their church. By establishing local church adoption funds, local churches can directly minister to their own families and help provide financial assistance to those called to adopt. The ABBA Fund provides churches with administration and an approval process at no cost. Read about how it works here and contact us for more information.

Adoption & Post-Mother’s Day

ez19120611665119280.jpgI want to encourage those adoptive mothers who have struggled with infertility and have not experienced giving birth to a child. There is a temptation to feel like a “second class” mother. This can be communicated in the most subtle of ways, like not receiving a baby shower or experiencing the kind of excitement and celebration from church friends and family that your friends who have had biological children received. It can be communicated through the way people talk and celebrate their children looking like their parents. It can be more overt in people asking about your child’s “real mom.” These are all very real and painful experiences that adoptive moms have faced.

I want to remind you that you are not “second class”. You are as much of a real mother as any other mother who has given birth to a child or adopted a child. Though birth is an amazing and beautiful thing, it is not what primarily makes a family a family. Husband and wife become a family through marriage. Children become family either through birth or through adoption. God Himself models this for us in that we become a part of His family through adoption and new birth (Gal 4:1-7). In fact, Jesus Himself was both a biological and an adopted child!

As an adoptive mother, you model the Gospel and the glory of God in a way only adoptive mothers can! And that brings God great pleasure!