Show Hope Provides Their 2000th Adoption Grant

Picture 49Congratulations Show Hope! God is using you big time to move the church towards God’s heart for the fatherless and to enable families to adopt! My family is one of those families that has been blessed (maybe grant #1865?) It made my day to read that you gave your 2000th grant! Glory to God – He truly knows the eternal fruit that number represents!

Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth are well-known for their long legacy of advocating on behalf of the world’s orphans. Show Hope, the non-profit organization they founded, mobilizes individuals and communities to care for orphans. The ministry also provides waiting children with families by giving financial grants to those adopting, and Show Hope is proud to announce that they have recently given their 2000th grant to an adopting family!

Since its inception, Show Hope has financially helped provide forever homes for over 2,000 orphans from 40 countries, resulting in a truly worldwide impact. Yet, still so much more pecuniary assistance is needed. Their Adoption Aid Grant program receives at least 150 new adoption assistance financial grant requests each month. Currently, at an average financial grant of $3,000-$4,000, Show Hope is able to help roughly 25-35 families a month, far less than the requested amount, by 60%.

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Catalyst Adoption Video

I love that Catalyst is recognizing our call to care for orphans and widows (James 1:27). They are big and influential and my prayer is that many churches will be mobilized for the sake of the orphans here and around the world! The video below is from their new site they just launched

Be sure to check it out!

Family Life & Russell Moore on Infertility, Adoption, Orphan Care

Last week, Dr. Russell Moore joined Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine on FamilyLife Today to talk about infertility, adoption, orphan care, his own adoption story, and Adopted for Life.

Dr. Moore wrote on his blog, “The program has sparked a lot of conversation and not a little controversy, particularly about my views on in vitro fertilization (cue the tune to the Johnny Cash version of “I Won’t Back Down” here). More than that though, I’ve heard from hurting infertile couples, waiting adopting families, and previously adopted children all over the country.”

Here’s the audio for the programs:

Grappling with Infertility (Day 1 of 3). This is a conversation about our grappling with infertility, what to do if you’re infertile, and how churches can minister to hurting people who want babies and can’t have them. I talk bluntly here with Dennis and Bob about how infertility can be a spiritually dangerous time.

Embracing Adoption (Day 2 of 3). This is a conversation about how to start thinking about whether God would call you to adopt, and how to get started, if so. It also helps friends and extended family members think about how they can empower adoption and orphan care.

Welcome to the Family (Day 3 of 3). This is a conversation about how we ought to think about moving beyond adoption into “normal” life in the family, including the family of the church.

T4A Conference 2009 Audio

The audio from Together for Adoption Conference 2009 is now available. Below are the main sessions. 

Breakouts were not recorded.

Together for Adoption Recap

We had a great time in Franklin, TN at Christ Community Church this weekend at Together for Adoption 2009. It was a huge blessing to connect with many friends old and new!

The most amazing thing to me was seeing over 600 people gather because they want more of God’s heart for the fatherless. For me, it was more evidence that God is at work in His church calling His people to be a “voice for the voiceless.” I was also struck by the number of young couples and families that came!

I was so busy running around behind the scenes that I didn’t get a chance to visit the exhibitor area but I heard that lots of great conversations happened back there! Next year we are already planning more time for that, and more time for the breakout presenters!

All the speakers did an outstanding job. We will have the audio available soon so be sure to listen to them if you didn’t make it. In the meantime, you can read recaps and watch speaker interviews by our live-blogger Zach Nielsen. We are so thankful for each one of the speakers and the way they served us! Dr. Russell Moore summed things up powerfully in the last message of the conference with a sobering call to the church when it comes to orphan care and adoption. It is a must listen. Aaron Ivey ended things with his song, “Let Your Kingdom Come.” It was a very moving close to the conference, together calling out to God for His kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. May it be done!

Let the sick run free
The orphan find her home
The captured man will know
Release from slavery

Your Kingdom here and now
To the least of these
Distribute what we have
That all may taste and see

Let Your Kingdom come
Let Your will be done
All the Earth will say
and echo angels’ praise
that You are God

Let Your Kingdom Come – Aaron Ivey