Conference Discount for College Students

1269.jpgWe are excited to announce a discount for all college students for our conference this fall.
We would love to see students from around the country converge on Franklin Oct 2-3 with a passion to give their lives to something bigger than themselves.

In many ways, college students have the most potential of anyone to make a difference in the lives of the fatherless:

  • Summers free to spend serving in orphanages (come hear from some great organizations providing these kinds of opportunities)
  • Freedom to follow God to the ends of the earth (hear about the mission of the church and the fatherless)
  • More time free to serve in the church (hear from different organizations on how you can be a part of establishing an orphan care ministry in your church)
  • Time to serve as a mentor to foster children (hear from foster care ministries around the country)
  • Time to serve adoptive families 
  • Creativity and freedom to start new projects, ministries, businesses that will seek the good of the fatherless
  • An early start on developing a Gospel-centered vision for how your future marriage and family will serve the fatherless

Contact us for a discounted rate today.  

Adoption Conference 2009 Discount for Church Groups

t4awidebanner150 churches.

Since equipping the church to care for orphans is our passion and mission, we have been extremely encouraged by the number of churches that have contacted us about sending a team of people to Conference 2009.

In light of this, we are providing a discounted group rate for churches sending four or more people. If you are interested in learning more about this, please e-mail for information.

Our hope is that 50 churches will each send a team of four or more people to attend our upcoming conference.
Will you be a part of that?
Invite another couple to attend with you.
Send two couples for a weekend away.
Send your pastoral team!

50 churches equipped and envisioned with a passion for the fatherless and the glory of God!
Imagine the potential?

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