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Over the past week I have been reminded through multiple conversations with folks of the great need for resources for adoptive parents dealing with attachment issues. In the past adoptive and foster parents felt alone. Thankfully,  that is changing. One of the best resources I know of and am thankful to be able to point folks too is Dr. Karyn Purvis. Her summer camps for adoptive families and her book The Connected Child have been a great help to many families.

Today is the launch of a new website compiling Dr. Purvis work and other helpful articles by adoptive parents and adoption advocates, Michael and Amy Monroe. Please check it out.

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[My good friend and fellow adoptive dad, Matt Donovan, did a superb job on the site too!]

Dr. Karyn Purvis & The Connected Child

Many adoptive and foster families have been greatly helped in better loving and caring for their children by the the insights, guidance and practical tools of Dr. Karyn Purvis.

Her book, The Connected Child, is a wonderful starting point for any adoptive family, especially those who have adopted or are fostering older children or those who came from difficult circumstances.

Our friends from the Tapestry Ministry at Irving Bible Church have compiled a wonderful list of links to resources, articles, audio and video on their site.

Watch Dr. Purvis keynote from the 2008 Tapestry Adoption & Foster Care Conference, on “Better Understanding Our Children: An Overview of Common Challenges Faced by Adopted & Foster Children”.

Connected Child Conference with Dr. Karyn Purvis

connected-child1ABBA Fund is proud to be a sponsor of the Connected Child Conference: Bringing Hope and Healing to Your Family, March 6-7 at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC. with Dr. Karyn Purvis.

This conference, split into one day focused for professionals and one day focused for families, will bring the tips and strategies in the Connected Child book to life as Dr. Purvis shares experiences from the field. Her knowledge is invaluable and applicable to every family and professional working in the world of adoption.

More details and registration info at The Connected Child website.