We had a great time at the Providence Baptist Church Adoption Expo on Saturday! Julie couldn’t make it but our good friend RJ Caswell of Weaving Families shared a table with us and we had some great fellowship. 

It was great to reconnect with the Mestas family, the Falchooks, the Georges (thank you for putting on such a great event Teresa!), our friends at New Life Adoption Agency and Amazing Grace Adoptions, and to spend time with Meredith and Smitty of Caroline’s Promise. 

I was encouraged by the turnout at the Financing Adoption workshop and the questions asked. Pray for the numerous folks who are just beginning the adoption process and trusting God for the finances. I look forward to seeing how God provides in BIG WAYS for His glory, as He so loves to do!


Photography for Adoption a Success

God provided over $4000 for the Bush’s adoption through selling prints! Read his post here. What a great God we have and a great way to raise money for adoption!

I’d love to hear other stories of how you have creatively raised money for your adoption.

Five Best Work-From-Home Jobs

After watching the interview on Good Morning America with the Chapman family yesterday I caught this piece on the Five Best Work-From-Home Jobs. I thought of the many adoptive parents that are looking for ways to raise extra money for their adoption. 

Feel free to weigh in with any other ideas and opportunities.