Francis Chan on the Value of Life

My wife just sent me this video from Francis Chan’s Video Journal. I love what he says about the value of life and the way he lives his –

why is my life more valuable than this baby’s? Someone asked me recently why I don’t save money for emergencies, or retirement. My answer was how can I justify saving for myself “just in case” something happens to me when something IS happening to so many already. 29,000 kids will die today of preventable causes. If I’m to love my neighbor AS myself, why spend so much time worrying about me?

Soundtrack to My Life

Have you ever wondered what the soundtrack to your life would be right now? 
Or what would you would want it to be? 
I’m one of those guys that gets songs stuck in my head easily and can be found humming or singing them in the shower and around the house. 
Some songs stick more quickly. Some remind me of seasons of my life. Others come and go. Some I wish would stop haunting me.

On Sunday we sang a song at church that I can’t shake and I’m glad for it because it’s a song that I need to listen too. 
It’s a song I need to live. It’s a song that I would want on my life soundtrack right now. 
What other songs would I include? I have to think about that but I’ll let you know. 

I’d love to hear what songs you would put on a soundtrack to your life

Here’s the song from Sunday. Enjoy! I’ve posted the lyrics here