Considering Adoption?

This is one of the most powerful videos I have watched calling folks to consider adoption and take the next steps. Please watch it and consider passing it on to everyone you know that may be considering adoption (or maybe some who haven’t yet but…!)

What is said about remembering the moment you get the phone call is so beautiful and true it made me cry.

I remember the exact place on Interstate 85 we were at when Ansley from our adoption agency called and told us they had our children! I remember the excitement, the fear, the adrenaline rushing. I remember praying and knowing that this was God’s blessing of our first two children. We went to pick up S and K 3 days later and our lives have not been the same ever since!

Do you remember that moment? What was it like?

Advent Conspiracy

From my wife’s blog

Oh how the holidays can carry us away into selfishness!!  Isn’t it true?  We easily get wrapped up in our lives, the festivities, the traditions, the family, etc.  These can all be good things, but they pale in comparison to our true hearts desire – worship!

Advent Conspiracy has resources to encourage and challenge us to make this Christmas a world-changing event that draws our heart to:

Worship Fully.

Spend Less.

Give More.

Love All.

Check out the video –