What if 2013 was the year…

Screen Shot 2013 01 01 at 2 32 27 PMWhat if 2013 was the year that: 

  • Every waiting child in the US and Canada was adopted into a Christian family
  • Every child waiting for their family through international adoption was united with their family
  • Every Christian globally realized that they are called to care for the fatherless
  • Every country decided that they must do something to provide permanence for their orphans
  • Every country closed to international adoption opened back up
  • Every family waiting got the phone call or email they have been praying for
  • Every church developed a culture of adoption
  • Every orphan has a chance to hear the gospel

What would you add to the list? Will you join us in praying that this would be the year that God does more than we can ask or imagine for the fatherless! 




David Platt – Adopting for Life General Session

David Platt’s message on Ruth and Adoption was one of the most powerful messages I have heard. Period. There was a weight and joy in this message that is rare. Please listen or watch and pray that God would speak to you.

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What Are You Doing for Orphan Sunday?

What are your plans for Orphan Sunday?
What is your church doing?
If your church is not doing anything what are you planning to do as a family?
One of the things my family will be doing is watching the LIVE Nashville event webcast. Join us and many others here.

I can’t but think there are many folks in the second category…share your thoughts and ideas!

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Faith moves families to adopt children from overseas

Great article in the Tennessean on adoption and the church. They also mention Together for Adoption and Orphan Sunday:

The movement for faith-based overseas adoption seems poised to grow. Last weekend, more than 700 people attended an adoption conference at Christ Community Church in Franklin, where they learned how adoption works, and discussed the theology of adoption — the teaching that believers are adopted into God’s family at their conversion. The church also will host a concert, to be simulcast nationwide, by Christian musician Steven Curtis Chapman, for Orphan Sunday on Nov. 8.

The Rev. Scott Roley, the church’s pastor, hopes more Christians will adopt orphans, both in the United States and overseas. He said about 40 families in the church have adopted, including he and his wife, who have five children. Three of them were adopted in the United States.

But he applauds American parents who adopt children overseas.

“If you take a child from one of those orphanages you are really saving their life,” he said.

Read the whole article here.

How Many Christians Would it Take to Adopt All the Adoptable Orphans in the World?

How many adoptable orphans are there in the world?

How many Christians are there?

What is percentage of Christians would it take to adopt all the orphans?

My best guess (looking at the data available, see my Orphan Statistics post) is that 40-50 million orphans worldwide are adoptable or would be best cared for through adoption. Ideally that means adoption locally/indigenously first and then adoption internationally.

As for Christians, according to Mission Frontiers, globally there are:

Christian Believers — 800 million who have been born again into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Other Christians — 1.37 billion who consider themselves Christians because they come from a Christian culture.

Culturally near non-Christians — 1.8 billion are not yet Christians but live in a people where a viable, indigenous church movement has been established.

Therefore, if roughly 6% of the born again Christians in the world adopted we could care for all the adoptable orphans in the world (I have heard 7% used and that might be true as well).

Either way you add it up, there are way too many orphans worldwide and way too many Christians to not believe we can make a difference! I’m going to go buy the domain toomanymillion.org