At 2am EST this morning, Shawnda went to court in Uganda to receive the ruling granting us legal guardianship of Jeremiah. They were the first in to see the judge, our lawyer and the judge conversed for a minute, and the judge said “It is approved.”

We are so thankful to the Lord for this honor and privilege. It is an amazing joy. When I talked to Shawnda and Jeremiah this morning he was laughing. It was as though he knew. We are enjoying this gift today but will enjoy it all the more once we get through immigration and have his visa. Shawnda is waiting on his passport to be done and we’re praying it will be done by tommorrow morning, in time for her appointment at the US Consulate in the afternoon. Please pray for these details to fall into place. We are praying Shawnda and Jeremiah (and her friend Kim) can come home next week!

Thank you for your prayers and investment of love in our lives and this little boys life!