Manliness and Adoption

I agree with Zach Nielsen in his recommendation of this excellent sermon. He writes:

I just finished listening to one of the most powerful sermons on adoption that I have ever heard. It’s by David Prince and is entitled, The Manliness of Adoption: Testosterone and Pure Religion: James 1:27. If you are at all considering adoption or not considering adoption (so I guess that’s all of you) I would recommend listening to it. It will bless you for sure.

You can listen or download here.

Tim Keller: The Gospel and the Poor

Watch Tim Keller speaking on “The Gospel and the Poor: A Case for Compassion” at a recent Here’s Life Inner City gathering. The outline for this talk can be found here. This is some of the best material on the issue I know of!

The Gospel Demands Radical Giving to the Poor – David Platt

The night before I left for Uganda I asked folks what sermons I should bring with me to listen. Specifically, I asked for sermons that changed peoples lives. One brother tweeted that I listen to the Radical series by David Platt. I asked him if there was one in particular. He said, “go for the jugular” and listen to ‘Radical Giving.’ I posted the sermon below. It is one of the most powerful, biblical, challenging, and convicting sermons I have heard – in general, and on this issue.