Friday Links

Here are some links:

Read about 29 Tips on How to Save Money on Gas (and put that money towards adoption!)

Check out Project H.O.P.E.F.U.L. – a ministry to help parents adopting children with HIV to navigate the adoption
process, the U.S. immigration system, and the many challenges in this

Read a letter regarding the situation in Zimbabwe from Ryan Keith of Forgotten Voices.

Visit the Father’s House – a ministry in the Ukraine encouraging national foster and adoption (you have to know Ukraine to read it!)

Visit the Red Letters Campaign and get involved!

Visit the Together for Adoption site and read about our upcoming regional adoption conference.

Generate a ‘word cloud’ with wordle.

Read Beau Fournet’s thoughts on trusting in the sovereignty of God as he and his wife wait on their adoption

Listen to Shai Linne and Trip Lee on clinging to the sovereignty of God when things are hard.