How to Fund an Adoption

Updated: 1/24/10

This is something I will periodically update as there are an increasing number of resources to help fund an adoption. Contact me if you have any suggestions to add to the list. I encourage folks to make use of as many as possible, as you have need.

Federal Adoption Tax Credit

Currently the federal adoption tax credit provides a credit of up to $13,170 per child (2010) for “qualified adoption expenses.” This credit has helped many couples plan and finance their adoption. Additional details about the Federal Adoption Tax Credit can be found at here.

Interest-Free Adoption Loans

  • The ABBA Fund is designed to help Christian families overcome the financial obstacles of adoption through interest-free loans that can be paid back over time.
  • LegacyChild is a ministry of the ABBA Fund designed for families to set up memorial funds in memory of a loved one. The family is able to choose a pre-approved family that is waiting for funding for their adoption from our website to receive an interest-free loan. Click here to find out how you can start a memorial fund and click here to see the families waiting for funding for their adoption.
  • Lifesong is another organization that provides interest-free loans.
  • Other loan options worth looking into are Home Equity Loans, Lines of Credit, borrowing from family or friends, low-interest credit cards.


A legitimate way to raise money for your adoption is through good ol’ fashioned fundraising. I have heard of families selling baked goods, holding garage sales, etc. My wife and I were given 200 worship CD’s by a friend who has a band that we in turn sold for $10 a piece to friends at church. We sold over 120 CD’s and that paid for a good portion of the home study costs. There are many possibilities here. Check out my post on Adoption Fundraising ideas.


Many friends and family, once they realize how much adoption costs, will joyfully give to help out. I recommend being honest with people about how much adoption costs and at the same time honest about your trust in God to provide those finances. We were blessed to receive a number of one-time gifts from individuals whom God stirred to give.


There are a number of ministries that give grants that are worth looking into, most notably:

Employer Adoption Assistance

A number of companies have adoption assistance programs built into their benefits with some providing between $2000 to $8000. For more information visit

Church Adoption Assistance Funds

An increasing number of churches are establishing Adoption Funds as part of their budgets. Our current church has such a fund though it is not widely advertised. I recommend asking your pastor whether your church has something set up. If not, ask about starting a fund. This may feel awkward or a conflict of interest but I believe that the long-term benefit to the church will outweigh the benefit you will receive if it is setup right. For information on how the ABBA Fund can help you establish and administrate a Church Matching Grant and Interest-Free Loan Fund for Adoption at your church visit our website here.

More Information About the Cost of Adoption and Financial Assistance Alternatives:

14 thoughts on “How to Fund an Adoption

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  4. My family has been attending BB for about a month now. We love BB because the sermons are right on — no watered down stuff — and they support missions and adoption. We are in the beginning stages of adoption..actually we don’t have any money for adopting really at all. We need to raise every penny of it. We feel led to adopt internationally, but feel overwhelmed by how much it costs. We looked at Bethany and the cost to adopt in Russia is about $50K. We just can’t afford it. Maybe God is leading us somewhere else?? How do you know where God is leading? There are so many that need help. And we do feel led to adopt, just struggling with where. Thanks for these pointers.

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  8. The Adoption Costs & Financial Assistance Resoources link isn’t coming up & I’m very interested in reading that type of info.
    Could I find that somewhere else maybe?

  9. We are actively working on trying to get this tax credit extended for adopting families. We have started this petition to gain support and many letters have been sent to politicians. We have had responses from some Congressional Representative that are reviewing the best plan of act to accomplish this task, but in the mean time we need to continue obtaining signatures.|Start an Online Petition »

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