When Passion Becomes a Burden

I heard someone say something along these lines the other day – “this used to be a passion of mine but now it is a burden.” It struck me because it describes how I have been feeling lately when it comes to the plight of the orphan.

Not that I am no longer passionate about caring for orphans but that passion and excitement to see lives changed – orphans sponsored, fed, adopted – has grown into something that feels deeper and more painful. The excitement and joy and desire to see more lives changed remains but I find myself more aware of the pain and injustice that exists. It makes me ache. It burns. Children in my own city and millions more around the world who have no parent, no one providing for them, protecting them, loving them. Why? How? Surely we can do something. We can and we must do something.

More specifically, I feel this burden growing to see the global church grasp that we are responsible for these children. That together as Christians from the west and east – America, Africa, Asia and other nations – we would seek the permanent care of every orphan we can get too.

That’s what I’m burdened by, dreaming of, and praying for! God is big. He can do it. He cares more about the orphan than I do.

The thing I love is that I am not alone. There are so many others who are passionate and burdened for these precious children. And God is raising up a beautiful mosaic of specific burden carriers who are doing amazing things for their joy and care.

Oh Lord, take this burden and passion that I know also burns in thousands of other hearts and continue to unleash it for the sake of your glory and justice and love towards the fatherless of our world!

8 thoughts on “When Passion Becomes a Burden

  1. “Oh Lord, take this burden and passion that I know also burns in thousands of other hearts and continue to unleash it for the sake of your glory and justice and love towards the fatherless of our world!”

    ~agree whole heartedly with what you said above! praying!

  2. I echo your words…It’s no longer, “wow, this is so cool to be given the gift to adopt God’s orphans”, but rather, “Everyone has to know the NEED!” And then to ACT apon it…Beleivers, we must step out in faith and get “uncomfortable”…

  3. I can SO relate to your burden!!! I too, after adopting found my heart swelling and aching even more. It is as if everyday that I wake up and see the faces of my children and experience the Fathers Love for them the burden for the whole global orphan/ widow crisis grows heavier. I add widow to my picture because 7 of my children ALL have a living mother who couldn’t provide for them during or after the horrors of the Liberian war. I have found first hand that widows unable to care for themselves or their children MAKE orphans at a multiplied rate. Since bringing my children home and getting more involved in attempting to care for the suffering people of Liberia I befriended a widow about 35 years of age who had 4 beautiful children. She had emailed me a photo of herself and precious little ones after we began helping to get her on her feet. BUT to my greatest heartache she died last year in February ( most likely due to AIDS/HIV) and her children were immediately orphaned. I could not and still cannot wrap my mind around the depths of issues and problems that have caused the epidemic of 143 million estimated orphans worldwide. But I have LOVED ones suffering and I live with the growing burdens you speak of everyday.
    Thank you for expressing your heart!
    Glad also to see the growing movement to seek social justice for the suffering in Christ name.
    Just watched the DVD series Seek Social Justice http://www.seeksocialjustice.com gave me a sense of hope for the Slow Awakening Church in America.

    • Alicia, Wow – thank you for sharing your experience. You all are a huge inspiration for living out this passion and burden with faith and trust in God! I agree with you on the importance of including widows too. It seems that there is a wave of concern and care for orphans going on and my hope is that with it will come a wave of compassion for the widow. If we are really serious about James 1:27 we have to care for the widow. That DVD series looks excellent. Hope to check it out soon!

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