Do Your Christmas Shopping and Support Adoption

Everyday I come across families selling something they have created to help raise money for their adoption. Photography, art, t-shirts, cards. You name it.

I’ve decided to make a list of these folks and what they are selling. Consider doing your Christmas shopping here and know that your money is helping these families adopt!

Help the Loux family adopt Aiden (a 2 year old from Eastern Europe with Down Syndrome) by purchasing original art through their Etsy site.
Last Light by Shelley Paulson

Help the Chappel family with their adoption costs for Zoe through purchasing these great coupon books.
Laura Lu Photography is selling custom Christmas cards to raise money for her sisters adoption. These are some great cards at a great price.
black_5x7_front copy

Help the Morgan family adopt from Ethiopia by purchasing this collection of familiar Christmas music arranged and performed by Nashville guitarist Barry Blair. Barry has played on stage or in the studio with artists such as Audio Adrenaline, dcTalk, Heather Miller, Rebecca St. James, Bryan Duncan, Newsboys, and Addison Road. Only $10 (including shipping!)

New Adoption Fundraiser

FAIR-WAGE COFFEE (From 963 Coffee)
Help the Butler family bring their son home from Ethiopia by purchasing coffee from 963 Coffee. The 963 Coffee Project’s purpose is twofold: to provide a fair wage for
coffee farmers in poverty-stricken communities and to allow groups and
individuals to use the coffee to raise funds for mission projects and
relief initiatives. For every $10 bag of coffee you buy, $4 goes to
Watermark’s ABBA Funda account which provides grants to those needing
financial assistance to adopt, including us.
In addition to coffee,
there are great looking t-shirts and coffee tumblers. As you’re
considering purchasing gifts for folks this year, we’d ask that you
consider this as an option. Click here to order.

Our Family

And help the orphans come home! All the proceeds of these great custom made hats go towards the Turner family’s adoption. On the top is written “Help The Orphans” and there is a circle on the side with Africa in it made out of very cool African looking fabric. Also, if someone says “Hey, how can I help the Orphans?” you just have to look under the bill of the hat and tell them the names of the different web sites that we have written on there. When you buy this hat you are helping an Orphan come home but also you will be raising awareness of this crisis AND you will look very hip and cool in this trendy hat. If you’d like to buy one e-mail me at carolesturner@yahoo(dot)com and I will also take orders here on my blog and on Twitter.

Purchase these great notecards and support the DeArmon family’s adoption of a minority infant. They write, “These would be great for Sunday School teachers, teachers, anyone really! Please email me at if you are interested in placing an order. Or just leave a comment. I’m dropping the price to $6.50 per set. We need to raise the next set of funds to turn in our profile once our homestudy is completed. We need $2000.00.”

Help the Parker family as they adopt a little boy from Haiti named Ronel. They are currently about $2000 short and selling great t-shirts and photos. Steven Bush is also selling prints with all the proceeds going towards the Parker’s adoption.

The Parkers are selling these awesome shirts for $20.00. You can order yours by clicking HERE.
Debra is a great photographer, and she is using her gifts to help fund
this adoption. She is selling prints via donations on her website.
Click HERE to make a donation, get a great print, and help them with their adoption.

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