My Family Was Abducted

3474498221_c9cb7eb2e7_b3474499701_d96eba07d3_b3474512483_c3c4fea39b_bLast weekend my wife and I took our four children, along with some good friends, and their two young boys, to the Invisible Children RESCUE event in our city. The idea was to “abduct ourselves” and march together with others in our city in solidarity with the thousands of children in Northern Uganda who have been abducted and forced to become child soldiers in the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The goal is to raise awareness around the world to see an end to the “longest running war in Africa.”

At the event we wrote letters to our senators and congressmen. In my letters I wrote about how I brought my children to this event and that they are blessed with the freedom to play and enjoy their childhood while these children in Africa have been robbed of this opportunity. That thought came to me there and has not left me since.

Will my letters make a difference? Will my prayers? Will my children’s prayers? All I know is we cannot remain silent, inactive, or prayerless in light of stuff like this. Lord, have mercy!

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