Free Crazy Love Audio Book by Francis Chan is offering the audiobook version of Francis Chan’s “Crazy Love” for free. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is one of the best books on the implications of the gospel that I have read recently.

Click Here to go download this Audiobook and be sure to check back each month as they offer a free book monthly. Usually it is something worth reading/listening too!

(HT: VitaminZ)

6 thoughts on “Free Crazy Love Audio Book by Francis Chan

    • Hey Keith, looks like I missed out on the download but do you think there’s any way you could share yours with me? Like could you upload it somewhere so I can get it myself? I’m in India and they don’t sell Crazy Love in the Christian bookstores here..yet! 😦 I had a chance to read it quickly from a Canadian friend who was visiting. . .So if you get this, do let me know if you can help out in someway! I’ve tried reaching Francis Chan but I guess I’m just one in a million faces and it’s gotten me no replies! Thanks, God bless!

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