Look Who’s Blooming!

It’s always heartwarming to hear the testimony of how God lead a couple to respond to the call of defending the fatherless. And to then see the beautiful faces of children of God that have come home to their forever families – well it’s enough to make us weep with joy!

The words “Look Who’s Blooming” were written on the back of this picture. We look forward to seeing how these children continue each day growing spiritually by increasing their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word, praciting Christ-like qualities and each day increasing in their faith and trust in God.  Paul says in 1 Corinthians 11:1, , “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of what it truly means to be spiritual.  Amen!

We hope you enjoy this testimony and kind note below:

My wife and I were eager to respond to the call to care for the orphan.  We spent about year thinking, praying, and meditating on the reality that we ourselves were once orphans when God welcomed us into the most glorious family that ever was and will ever be.  We who had no father now have a Father because God made us sons through Christ.  This blew us out of the water!  But, there was still this earthy situation related to money.  We had no idea how we would get this paid for. 

After we decided to adopt from Ethiopia and got initial paperwork in, like home study, etc, we were pretty much scratching our heads trying to figure out where $30,000 would come from.  I went to an adoption conference called “Adopted for Life.”  During one of the break out sessions I heard Jason Kovacs talk about encouraging stories of how Abba Fund helped loads of families.  He encouraged us all by saying all God wanted was a willing heart and an open family and that God would take care of the rest.  We were in!
Abba Fund really made our heart’s desires come true. The process was simple and fast, with every unnecessary hoop taken out of the picture.  Besides, any couple going through the adoption process needs extra stress and hoops to jump through, right? 😉  God does hear the cry of the orphan and used Abba Fund to help us bring Levi and Sophia home on December 18th 2010.  
Abba Fund, thank you so much for serving the Kingdom and caring for the orphans by financially helping families like ourselves. 
– Dominic, Rebecca, Levia, and Sophia Cedillo

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