Adoption Story: The Roberts Family

The Robert’s family are great example of the wonderful families we have the joy of helping who are passionately living out the gospel and caring for orphans through adoption. The ABBA Fund helped them adopt domestically in 2005 and most recently helped them in the adoption of their daughter from Ethiopia through Gladney. David and Michelle make their home in North Dakota where David serves as a rural pastor and Michelle stays home with their five children. Below is an encouraging and honest account of their recent adoption from their blog, Our Journey Together:

To some, when they hear the word adoption, they probably think each situation is similar. But for the adoptive family, they know how each and every journey is unique. There are so many variables. For me, international adoption was a HUGE stretch. Yes, I will shamefully admit I was “one of those”. Oh I would whole-heartedly rejoice with families that were adopting or had adopted internationally … but inside I’d think … I could never do it. I look back now and see all the baby steps the Lord took me through to bring me to the place of hearing His voice tell me something I could not ignore no matter how hard I tried to rationalize it all.

I could tell you the exact locations here in my home that the Lord so tenderly and clearly and persistently prodded at my heart. While I knew it was real … my mind would quickly have a bunch of reasons why it just wouldn’t work. I’d get caught up in doubts, yet when I was brave enough to listen, the message was so clear. “There’s a child in Ethiopia that needs you … you are to bring them into your family.” US LORD??? We have no finances. What about our family? What about our ministry? … what if people don’t approve? What about the small issue of vehicle size?

It got a little out of hand when I couldn’t enjoy a peaceful meal or restful night sleep anymore. Please understand, it’s not that I wasn’t “open” to adoption again …. but what about the MOUNTAINS???

Why do I recount this part of the journey? …. well, because I know there are so many families out there in the same dilemma. They need to be reminded to not lose heart! These mountains are worth climbing. I cannot tell you it was easy. God did not just send all the needed funds in one big lump sum. It was a brutal year in many ways. Sometimes I questioned if we had truly gone overboard this time around. But with everything in me, I knew there was a little person across the world counting on us to make it.

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3 thoughts on “Adoption Story: The Roberts Family

  1. We adopted two children from Russia and so many people used to ask us why we adopted from there instead of the USA. All I could tell them, that although the foster care system here in the US is far from perfect, those kids have a much better chance of growing up and living a normal life than a child in an international orphanage..where the norm is about 10% actually make it to adulthood.
    Go with your heart and you will find your strength. It is very worth it in the end!

    Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach

  2. Good stuff Jason. We have journeyed with the Roberts in “blog world” and they got to see our kids back in Ethiopia when they were there. They were actually the first family to send us a picture of our kids during their visit over there.

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